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Talk Show: Digital Disruption - Content is King by Mr. Mahesh Muthuswami

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

19 October 2019

A talk show by Mahesh Muthuswami on 19th Oct 2019.

Ohh boy, it indeed was a visual treat and arrived with "Arrival of train". He went on  to elevate our taste and appreciation for cinema with clippings from "City of God", "Mirror". With his endearing and soft spoken voice he showed how the content evolved and what the future of feature film would be. He said not always you need to understand a movie but watch it to experience it. 

Being humble, successful and genius all goes hand in hand for this talented cinematographer who, when asked to show his work, said he hasn't evolved to that level. But not to be deceived by his words, his short film at film institute, Pune is showcased as the best short film continuously for 17 years. Do check it out here,

Although being in the crux of an entertainment industry where visuals and content dominate, he closed his speech highlighting Zen mode and how to disengage. Yes, let's take some time out to be in nature and enjoy the sun and rain out in the open air. 

P. S. Thank you Sir for introducing us to Kanamma Cook and Shantha Patti Samayal, but we definitely all missed the arisi vadai.

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