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Talk Show: Life Journey by Oscar Winner Mr. Cottalango Leon

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

12 August 2019

Felicitation and Talk show by Cottalango Leon, Oscar Award Winner

The very first thing that struck me was his humble and down to earth speech and indeed he was modesty personified. It didn't feel as though I was sharing space with someone who had walked the red carpet in Beverly Hills and held the golden statuette in his hands. Fortunately I got my daughter to listen to him, so I could show her a live example of "modesty and being humble are innate traits of every successful person".

He started off with his unique name and his journey from Tamil medium school to PSG Tech. He spoke with high regard for the Professors who taught him at the college. His talk had highlights about the product / tool development that helps creative teams in the entertainment industry. What started as a 2 or 3 month development project is now still running into a 10 year one. His field of work is in the technical side of animation and visualization and also gave a glimpse of abundant opportunity in this field be it animation movies, gaming, TV and web series. 

More than the technical aspects, he was inclined towards "paying it forward", he had ideas to engage the students' resources here in India, giving them a platform to explore career opportunities in the entertainment industry. When Ratna Kumar  proposed a possible collaboration with the Kaar team, he showed interest and was open to the idea. 

Any of your children who have has keen interest in the technical side of the entertainment industry, you could buzz him on his Facebook page. He said he's willing to mentor and guide. 

To summarize, it was refreshing to hear from a man who lives in the entertainment capital of the world to speak in such simple English and not with the airs of " American accent ", it definitely was an experience in itself!!

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