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Welcome to Little Flower Alumni Association (LIFAA), founded in the year 2011. The primary mission of LIFAA is to connect and engage the alumni with their fellow alumni, school, and students on the campus through various activities among all the stakeholders- to generate impact through several social and academic projects for collective growth.


LIFAA is dedicated to establishing and promoting supportive relationships among students, Alumni, and the school.


We represent thousands of LFHSS alumni in various chapters spread across the globe, joining hands to make LFHSS a world-class institution. We hope you have a great experience visiting our website and learning about the various facilities, benefits, and services you get to enjoy as a registered member of LIFAA.

Let Us Get Connected

ME 1994, Structural Engineering
ME 1994, Structural Engineering

Our Mission

To advance The Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam through programs that enhance the student experience, promote student-alumni interaction, establish a spirit of loyalty to the school, and cultivate relationships between students of Past and Present.

Our Vision

  • Provide programs and opportunities that connect alumni to each other and to the School.


  • Promote awareness of alumni achievements and accomplishments among all alumni, students and teachers.


  • Encourage alumni support of the School through both their volunteer and financial efforts.


  • Seek to support the student experience on campus and to create an understanding of the Association among Higher Secondary grade students.


  • Work cooperatively with the School in fulfilling its mission to all constituents.


  • Investing and stewarding the endowment and all gift funds to best ensure a sustainable, growing level of support for the School.


  • Providing high-quality, centralized advancement support services necessary to create, coordinate and sustain a robust culture of engagement.

Our Vision

We Need Your Support Today!

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